Tutorial: How to build your own Photo Video Studio on a budget


So you’ve got ample time on your hands right now and you’ve decided to build your own studio – great! You’ve got your tools, the perfect space and a seemingly bottomless supply of optimism. What could go wrong?! That’s exactly where we found ourselves here at Syrp last year when we decided to build our own Cyclorama studio… from scratch. In this video learn the details of how to create your own studio with a reasonable budget.

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Watch the full video or read the article below for some important highlights of this production.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! Really cool to see the process. I'd be interested to know the square footage of the space you used?

  2. hm, i couldnt find any plan pdf to the link in the bio, i would really need one as i am currently making one for my own!

  3. Ridiculously cool to stumble across an awesome channel and then discover it's run by some fellow kiwi's!!! Great stuff:)

  4. This is really cool guys. Thanks for making content like this. High quality, entertaining, and very useful. Definitely referencing this guide in the near future (fingers crossed).

  5. Gonna try this! Just wondering if you found all the wood to be quite echo-y, and if you've found a solution?

  6. That's amazing guys, good old kiwi ingenuity! What was the total cost in the end and how many man hours went in to it?

  7. Turned out really good! Getting the curves right seems like a lot of work. Did you do anything for sound quality, or is this only for product shots?

  8. As a designer, photographer, and future architect – this is why I went with Syrp for My motion control needs. Precision is necessary for both, Timelapse photography and architectural design. This is totally evident here. I’m such a huge fan of this brand, and happy to be the owner of Syrp’s latest Genie II Linear and Genie Mini II. Thank you for inspiring me to push my creative boundaries in BOTH, photography and architectural design. Can’t wait to keep up with everything you all are creating – products and content!


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