Top 100 PS2 Games In 10 Minutes! (According to IGN)


**CORRECTION: The correct Metacritic score for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater should be 91 **

The top 100 PS2 games – according to gaming site IGN (

I am personally not a fan of top 100 lists; they are waaaay to subjective and fanboy wars always break out. However, after my first “100 PS2 Games In 10 Minutes” video received about 3000 comments asking for God of War / Grand Theft Auto SA, etc, I created this one.

Having said that, the games on this list are generally pretty solid, if a little pedestrian.

Yes, a few of these clips are recycled from my other video ( If you have not seen it already, I recommend you watch it to catch a glimpse of some lesser known PS2 classics.


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  1. I would’ve liked
    To have seen The Punisher on here too, That and The Warriors were my favorite games, I did really like GTA San Andreas and Ratchet and Clank: going Commando too

  2. Where is black, where is turok evolution, where is God of war 2 evenn tho he counted god of war 1 you missed too much dude

  3. WTF…
    -Age of Empires
    -True Crime 1 or 2
    -Shadow of Rome
    -Gladius (best round based Game on PS2)
    -State of Emergency
    -The Godfather
    -Syphon Filter
    -Monster Hunter
    -Def Jam 1 or 2
    -the Getaway
    … and much more…
    100 games and you take so often BULLSHIT like Frequenzy or Guitar Hero?
    Bro what is wrong with you?

  4. I didn’t see Any Def Jam games, no Tekken, no guitar hero 3, no Most Wanted nor Carbon, no MK, not even Smackdown VS RAW. I just wanna know how old was the person that made the list

  5. Why does the video quality look good and on the ps2 is bad?
    Is it because of the copied CDs? Although the screen is high definition

  6. Not hating but none of the dragon ball z games, none of the naruto games, ssx tricky at #95, and no simpsons hit&run??? 😭😂 cmon ign

  7. It is 2020 you put me in front of MGS3 MGS2 and I will rip this game till the end and still have fun. You put me in front of the majority of AAA games nowadays and I'm bored after 2 hours.

  8. Got this list hella fucked up.
    San Andreas is not better than Vice city?
    And starwars battle front should be in top 5
    Also the best games are missing.
    Wheres Champions of Norrath and Dynasty Warriors. Also mising more Splinter cell games. They all should be top 10


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