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Thanks for watching my Vlog! This is where I share with you my daily experiences and journey of an entrepreneur in Vietnam. Be it running my businesses, cooking on TV or at home, everyday is a new adventure that helps me grow and get closer to where I want to be.

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Dao Chi Anh is an Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Kitchen Art – a 6 year old business that sells homeware, kitchenware and produces food content for publication and online media, former CEO of KAfe Group, Publisher of Nếp Magazine and T•pot Collections, TV cooking show host on Vietnamese National TV (VTV3, VTV7) and Cookbook Author of Our Sweet Kitchen (Page One Publishing) and “Chuyen 2 Can Bep” (Nha Nam Publishing). In 2017, Chi Anh started her own F&B agency called DCA Holding International to continue her journey in Food alongside other Food entrepreneurs and businesses.


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