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Realtek HD Audio Manager Windows 10 Missing ? | [100% Fix]

Steps to bring back Realtek HD Audio Manager:

1. Uninstall Realtek HD Audio Drivers.
2. Download the older version of Drivers from the following link.

3. Restart Computer.
4. Install older version of Realtek drivers.
5. Restart Computer.


Note: If you want to get latest version of drivers that don’t have the audio maneger then download from below link:

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Nguồn: https://sspv-bishop.org/

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  • Good Job..Very useful..Thanks lot

  • Thank you.
    This worked wonders for me.
    I had installed the latest version but couldn't access it from my control panel, went through so many tutorials and ended up with nothing at all.
    This was really a huge help, I can't thank you enough.

  • Wow thats working bro..love u soooooo much bro….

  • Thank the Lord there's an Indian person online I can trust for my technical problems 🙏
    PS. I only said that because every time I watch a video for this kind of stuff, it's an Indian person lolol

  • Audio recording not good in my PC . Help me

  • Thanks dude

  • Thanks bro

  • Thanks bro so much it worked

  • not working for me bhai.

  • Thnx very much bro👍👍 Finally I fix my front audio jack after 8 months I always download latest version but did not work

  • Can pentium gold 4417u processor laptops support realtekhd audio codec

  • Why Realtek HD audio manager is not showing in driver version 2.82 ?


  • when i want to download it it doesnt show on screen that it`s downloading

  • Sir I want to switch between my headphone and laptop's speaker with out unplugde headphone pin(3.5 aux) how it's possible . I use win 10 home genuine.please help me.

  • nice video, good to keep in mind 🙂

  • Didn’t work I’ve seen so much videos. The problem for me is that even after removing and installing Realtek he drivers, it never shows up and in the sound control panel it doesn’t show any inputs for playback or recording when it use to work perfectly fine. I never changed anything it just changed as soon as I got on my pc. I also checked show disabled and hidden devices for both playback and recording but nothing changed. I can’t find the Realtek driver anywhere and even downloaded it from my motherboard manufacturer but it still doesn’t work.

  • Bro jack detection not working in latest realtek version please help

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