Photo Booth Event Set Up #4 | Start Your Photo Booth Business 2019


Check out this photo booth time lapse being set up in a restaurant with very little space!

My setups usually take about 20 min to get everything going, but this time around it took me a little longer because they had me relocate just a few feet to the right! SMH

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The process will stay the same for every event. I look at the area the client wants me to set up at and first figure where is the nearest outlet. Next, I visualize where to set up the backdrop or inflatable cube and make sure I have room for that and from there I set the Photo Booth roughly 5 to 6 ft away from where I plan on putting the backdrop (make sure you have a long enough extension cord, approximately 25ft to help you out in any situation).

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  1. I discovered a DIY system by accident and decided to see (what else was out there) here on YouTube, I found many (all wonderful systems), but this system caught my attention (because of the full blown printer). Other systems have tiny printer solutions. With the Corona Virus at our feet, soon folks that do not have a job will need one and this appears to be a very good visual marketing/service business that could be a game changer to help determined people control their own destiny, should they decide to hang out their own shingle. My question is, there is this long cable you took out and tucked away several times inside the top box area (near screen/tablet area) and was wonder what that long cable was for? What software is being used or is this custom software, what camera hardware or model is being used also?


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