Make a multiboot BIOS+UEFI USB drive (for Hirens, linux, Windows and HP Utility ISOs, etc.) v2


v2 has improved audio – Visit for Easy2Boot and MakePartImage.
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This video demonstrates how to make a USB Flash Drive or USB Hard Disk to store multiple ISOs and images.
You can boot from the USB drive in normal BIOS MBR mode and then use Clover to boot from the 32 and 64-bit EFI files in UEFI mode without needing to reboot the system.
You can have multiple images and ISO files on your USB drive (e.g. multiple HP Utilities, Windows Installers, Linux Live ISOs, KonBoot, etc,).
When you make the E2B USB drive, you can choose FAT32 or NTFS – either will work with .imgPTN files and UEFI booting.

When you make the .imgPTN files from your payload files, choose FAT32 if you want UEFI-booting to work.

Tip: If you boot from the USB drive using the QEMU emulator in RMPrepUSB, you can switch to one of the images before you connect the USB drive to a UEFI system (this saves having to configure the target system for CSM boot first).

Visit for Easy2Boot and MakePartImage.
For install.wim files 4GB+ see


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  1. Hello there sir steve. When I booted in my imgPTN file and load clover bootloader it is stuck in loading screen

    Welcome to Clover 445

    scan entries

    It is stuck in that screen logo?? How can I fix it??

  2. Thanks for the video Steve, however, its not clear. For a beginner like me its difficult to follow. You should have given step by step instructions. I want to make E2B drive so that I can use it for installing normal windows installation and uefi windows installation. I want to include CloneZilla and TestDisk and some version of Linux also. Any video on that ?? I also want to include Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. Waiting for your reply. Thanks

  3. i love easy2boot system been using for yrs, although every since uefi became more popular i cant boot directly to the e2b menu on a tablet i have that only recoginizes uefi. it will give me options of uefi shell or uefi part1 or uefi part 2, all 3 will give me a shell prompt. the only way i can get isos to work is , get a uefi version of that iso, then convert to imgpnt, then use the switch tool to boot to that partition, then reboot pc, when i go into bios boot options, this time it gives me an option for the iso i switched too, but thats the only iso i can use. i used the e2b part as fat32 or ntfs, but got same results. not sure if what im asking is possible or with uefi systems you just have to do this long work around. which on some systems where you cant boot into windows first to use the switch tool seems real cumbersome. hopfully im missing something here.

  4. Ok.
    So let me see if i got it.
    You first need to boot from a legacy bios to choose the program you want to use in an UEFI computer.
    It means if youre with only one PC that is UEFI only, you cant choose what to boot from there.
    Is that it?

    And does it bypass secure boot so i can install windows?

  5. hi steve
    i need your help again
    i can run Easy.Recovery.Essentials.Pro.for.Windows 7
    but when i'm runing Easy.Recovery.Essentials.Pro.for.Windows 10
    i have got errors like mount_msdos: /dev/ada0s2 :invalid argument
    and so on Easy.Recovery.Essentials.Pro.for.Windows 7 work great
    every program to add is a riddle

  6. hi steve

    i need your help please
    i am into csm try to play hirens 15.2 and got the error
    remove disk or other media
    do you know this error

  7. Hi Steve, Thanks for the helpful video. One problem I ran into is after turning off UEFI and Secureboot on a Toshiba Qosimo I can no longer get into the Bios setup and it won't boot from anything but DVD. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  8. when split install.esd to install.swm doesnt work for my win 10
    make sure all file required for installation are available

  9. Do you have any instructions on how to create a totally UEFI only USB boot drive? I mean one with no MBR Boot. One where even the main menu is running in UEFI, not MBR. One where you would not be going back and forth from MBR to UEFI, or UEFI to MBR, just simply UEFI. If you have such instructions, please provide URL to them. Thank you.

  10. hi , I have a usb key on boot up problem in UEFI it does not work yet I 'm a gpt partition, normally it works but I have a message "warning the E2B drive partition table is about to overwritten ! etc. …. how can I do to UEFI boot in . Thank mode.

  11. sounds complicated for something named easy. how about jsut hiren's boot cd to usb easily ? just extract the iso from downloaded zip file , start program, select uefi boot load the iso then make the bootable usb. now that's easy2boot.

  12. net session command should work on any standard Windows system. Maybe you have a bad path environment variable?
    In MPI 0.067 I will change admin detection routine to be same as in MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd.


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