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How to use Google Photos in 2020

Google Photos – what it is, how to use it, the core features, some common scenarios for using it, a deep dive into shared albums and how to use them with Google Assistant Displays.

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Setting up Google Photos:
What can you do with Google Photos:

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  • It was ALL SO HELPFUL and useful. I am jazzed about following many of the suggestions learned from the webpage. Amazing!!!

  • Maybe I ask you about want to creat album more than four that have one this app, thank you in advance

  • Josh,
    i like the video, very informative but you talk way to much, way to fast. Try to take a break from speaking, it let's us focus on the things you said.

  • my Google photos super super only Bluetooth sharing only other sharing no supporting more try upgrade not sharing only

  • When i delete an image from my phone it is deleted from google photos

  • Good clear speaking,

  • CJCJ

    Author Reply

    if i delete the photos/videos on my device will it delete it on google photos too?

  • Thank you for this great video! Question, is it possible to reverse the photos in an album easily? I would prefer that in some albums the newest added photos are at the top especially the I have a shared album…maybe I missed how that can be done without moving them one by one. Thanks for your help

  • Was it different on how to use it in 2019?

  • This is how many times he said photos.

  • News that’s Happening around the world.

  • Thanks for New iphone
    i’ve won ill use for more
    information on the world
    Events, NEWS

  • Google photos has problems. My Galaxy smartphone has uploaded photos on google. However, it still stores the memory on my phone, therefore my phone storage is full even though there aren't any photos on my phone. Totally screwed up.

  • Google just changed around the collage and seems to have removed my original images. One seems to be missing. How can I restore this? Also, the phone seems to have connected the Instagram even though I didn't connect anything and won't let me get into the account.

  • What

  • pictures in my google photos are not appearing in facebook when i want to post them what to i do?

  • So just to clarify. If I upload all my photos from my iPhone to Google Photos can I then delete the photos from my iPhone without losing them on Google Photos? I have 65 gigs of photos that are clogging up my phone. Thank you for any help.

  • Today I started using Google Photos on my android phone after years of ignoring it.
    1- I only would like to know why should we be bothered with Google Drive if Google photos can backup and sync all photos?
    So in the case of having a new Android phone, the pictures will always be there because it is a web-based app.
    I am also using a feature that is not mentioned here in the video , that is to "FREE UP SPACEA" and it it basically delete the pictures that has been moved to Google Photos to save up space on the device internal or external memory.
    2- I am syncing both ph9 e a tablet and I can see all the photos that has been taken and saved in Gallery on my android phone now been placed in Google Photos and the tablet. So what if I want to remove Photos or some of them from my tablet and make them only accessible from the phone?
    Thanks for the great video.

  • Is this free storage?

  • My google photo’s says that I’m outta storage space… why don’t I have free unlimited storage?

  • Hi sir, How can i move all my google photos from an account to an another one?
    Pls help me anyone