How To Design A Photo Zine In Indesign


In this episode I answer the question I get often of “How do I design a zine”.

Sketches Of Light Zine available here ::

Months ago I made an episode on how I go about sequencing and building the initial concept of my zines. I showed how I made the initial layout for my first zine in that video (

In this video, we dive into Indesign, and I give you the absolute most basic tools for laying out your own zine, and being able to do so in a matter of hours. My hopes in making this video, is that it would dispel any fears of designing in Adobe’s Indesign, and show you just how easy and painless the whole process actually is.

These videos are part of a larger series, entirely focused on building photo zines from start to finish. The entire series has been cataloged in this playlist (

I by no means claim to be an expert on the topic, however I experienced quite a bit through the process of making my zines, and am happy to share the highs and lows of what I experienced.

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My name is Nick Mayo, I am a Michigan based film photographer and creative sharing my triumphs and struggles within the world of art and photography. I have a great number of videos lined up for sharing different things I’ve learned along the way in my creative journey, as well as some interviews with other creatives and influencers about their joys and struggles within the industry.


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  1. Hi there! 
    Great video, very useful! Thanks for this.

    Just have a question:
    How do you create the cover of a zine if you want to use the same image 
    spread in front and back cover as you did in your zine "My kind of town"?

  2. jajajajajajajaajjaajja omfg i paused the video and got distracted by other stuff for several minutes and as soon as i press play he starts talking about rhytm and how we have short attention spans and how we probably left the video and came back, god is that you? wtf xD

  3. Sooooo what's the dif between zine & book? My dad's got all these fanzines from the 80s & 90s and a big part of them is they look like shite, wonderful, but real shite. Analog cut & paste

  4. Thanks for the video, Nick! Your video was the first one I found about contents layout in InDesign and you know what? About a half of my project is already designed! I'm so happy I found your channel!

  5. It's faster to create master pages with the frames in them already so no need to make frames again and again. You'd consider to have verity o master pages with the different frames' sizes pre prepared. This way you don't need even to resize the frames and risk inconsistency

  6. Thanks for the tutorial. It worked perfect for until I tried printing it. I have my own printer, so I'm doing it at home. I'm printing black and white and the problem is the black levels comes out grey. They look good on the screen, but they look washed out as soon as I print them. I've tried to print the same images before I put them into Indesign, and then they look just as they are supposed to. I tried both printing directly from Indesign and the exported PDF, and both looks the same. Is this a common problem? Everything else about Indesign is so smooth and simple, so I would prefer to use it if I can get the results I want.

  7. Great video Nick. I'm getting ready to put my first zine together, and was going to go the PS route until watching this.

  8. hey there, im wondering how could i export it without the cropping marks in between the two page spread image, im planning to use a A4 horizontally and these crop marks would be a headache


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