How to Create Photo Album Templates From Scratch in Photoshop


Whether it is a family session or a wedding shoot, learn how to create any photo book or wedding album template right from scratch in Photoshop. Using the fundamental concept of Clipping Masks, we will create beautiful and minimal templates, which once created, just require you to drag and drop your images and Boom! Done!

In this video, we are going to start off by understanding the dimensions that we need to dial in and the properties to keep in mind while creating the document. Then, we will learn a plethora of designing techniques to create beautiful elements and minimal but effective designs and placements. Finally, we will save the templates as PSD for later use. Then, once ready, the images can easily be dragged and dropped about the respective placeholders and using clipping masks, we will fit the images to the same.

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1. Sample Images:
2. First Template:
3. Second Template:

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  1. Unmesh!! You won't believe i just 10 times backward this clip while you say, ”so without further ado….. Let's get started”. Everytime it melts my heart ♥.

  2. Perhaps sometime you could do a tutorial on how to make layered book cover templates like they sell on envato where you pop your pic in with smart object. I’d love to know how to make a reusable template like for a book series.

  3. Hi bro, Im form indonesian.
    Just wanna say thank you for your tutorial.
    And i wanna ask, What microphone are you using?


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