How to Convert Image to Video file in Photoshop JPEG to MP4 _ 360 VR Panorama Rendering Tutorial


Whenever you still have a problem about this video (or other topics as long as they are still related to sketchup and vray) you can chat me on my page. Let me do my best to help 🙂

Feel Free to Download 3D Model and Setting on this Link :

In this video, I’ll show you how to convert image jpeg version and audio mp3 to video mp4 in Photoshop.

Modern Concrete Living Room 3D model, HDRI, vropt…

Let me know if you have problem to download the files, good luck…

Free download 3D models :

3D Models & 4K 360 VR Panorama Preview Mini Bar & Theater Room _ SUVR Design Project

3D Models & 4K 360 VR Panorama Preview Walk in Closet _ SUVR Design Project

3D Models & 4K 360 VR Panorama Preview Auto Bridal Waiting Room _ SUVR Design Project

360 VR Virtual Tour Interior Panorama Rendering Dining Room for Mr. T. _ Old Work

360 VR Virtual Tour Interior Panorama Rendering Living Room for Mr. T. _ Old Work

3D Corner Reading Room _ VRAY for Sketchup Tutorial

4K Virtual Reality _ 360 VR Panorama Rendering Preview Modern Concrete Living Room _ Vray Sketchup

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English Version :

Part 1 _ How to Render 360° Panorama in V-ray Sketchup

Part 2 _ How to Convert Image FIle to Video (JPEG – MP4)

Part 3 _ How to Upload 360° Panorama Rendering on Facebook and Youtube

Versi Bahasa Indonesia :

Part 1 _ Cara Render 360° Panorama di V-ray Sketchup

Part 2 _ Cara Konversi File Gambar menjadi Video (JPEG – MP4)

Part 3 _ Cara Upload Render Panorama 360° di Facebook dan Youtube

360 Video Metadata Tool :



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  1. hi
    try to follow the step but i cant find the "timeline" option on the window tab. I use photoshop cs3 and the timeline is not available in this

    Please help, need your advice 😀

  2. I can't believe i missed this video 3 years ago when i was looking into making stuff like that! Great tutorial!

  3. How to convert of an 360 Degree Image File into .mp4 format (Video File) in Photoshop CS3 as because Photoshop CS3 has no timeline option ?
    So, how could I do this ?

  4. buenas tardes, yo tengo cs6 y no me aparece la barra color morado en mi linea de tiempo, usted save como puedo arreglar ese problema?

  5. Hi, I'm joining everybody to congratulate you for the well-done tutorial. I got a question though: in the final step where you click on the little arrow in the bottom left corner, you got a window pop up where you can name the file, where to save, etc. Well, when I'm clicking it, it just"think" and get stuck. I'm working with a new gaming PC so it's not a matter of CPU power. I also have the most recent versions of the software and OS. Do you have an idea what it could be? Thank for everything and keep up the good work

  6. I recently upgraded to VRay 3 for Sketchup and I can't seem to find where I switch the view from 45 degrees to the full 360?

  7. Hi, thank you very much for this helpful video,I wish you would upload more.
    I am new to using sketchup and v-ray and trying to figure out how to create rendered animated video, so far I learned that you can convert the v-ray rendered to images and use other programs to make the animated video, is there another way to do it?
    Also, im interested in created animated motion (like car moving on site etc) is there anyway to make both rendered video with motion ? any help would be appreciated

  8. gan sangat membantu tutoriallnya .mau nanya gan kalo mau nambah video di area screen tv bisa gak ya? tks

  9. am trying to make a 360 render of the exterior of a model in sketchup but the light is way too much, i can hardly see anything just an almost plain white image that is maybe because of the light. please can you help with this? thanks


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