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Create a 3D Character Photoshop CC Tutorial

Learn about expressions in this detailed After Effects tutorial!
We’ll create a loader bar, percent counter, and a countdown timer that can be customized by changing one simple slider.

Learn the secrets you need to know to creating and working with a 3D character using Fuse and Photoshop CC in this tutorial!
We’ll create a character in Adobe Fuse and export it to Photoshop where we’ll change the lighting and texture and then use a few Photoshop filters to create a streaking effect for our Photoshop 3D model.

Download the 3D model I made for this video here:

Find free 3D models here!


00:30 Building the 3D character
04:19 Importing the character to Photoshop
05:25 Choosing the model’s pose
06:43 Changing the base light and reflectiveness
08:15 Building the 3D lights
12:11 3D rendering tips and tricks
13:58 Building the composition and background
17:10 Adding the streaks/streaking effect
22:09 Building out the disintegration effect
26:51 Targeted sharpening and grain
29:00 Color grading
33:18 Simple glitch effect
35:13 Get it, Got it, Goooooood!









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