Best Starter Lighting Kits for Beginner Studio Photographers


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0:36 Introduction to Starter Lighting Kits
0:42 Twinkle Kit for Newborn Photography
1:13 Quad Head Kit for Baby Photography
1:39 Little Fashion Lookbook Kit for Children/Family Photoshoots
2:03 Cake Smash Lighting Kit for Children Photography
2:39 Illuminate Mate Kit for Flat Lay Photography
3:17 LinkedIn Kit for Events/Commercial/Corporate Headshots
3:44 Work Hustle Kit for Product Photography
4:00 Kontent Kube Kit for eCommerce Photography
4:33 Continous Starter Lighting Kits for Video Production
4:55 Features of Starter Lighting Kits
5:05 Softbox Lighting Features
5:13 Umbrella Lighting Features
5:22 Positioning the Light
5:40 Continous Lights Colour Temperature
5:50 Starter Lighting Kits Light Bulbs
6:09 Versatility
6:41 What’s Included?


Our Main Lights: “DUO” Spectrum Pro S-BEAM 150 Light Kit

Our Hair Light: 9″ Crystal Luxe with Sony NPF Battery

Background Lights: 13″ Duo Crystal Luxe Kit

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  1. This is what ive been looking for! Thankyou!
    Would you mind to share a perfect softbox size for home studio?

  2. The tutorial would've been nicer if the presenter shows his audience each type of lighting for which purpose and how to set them up in light of the subjects rather than focuses on resulting photos (they are beautiful however).

  3. Wow these pics came out amazing. I have 3 lighting kits and shoot mostly product photography but my pictures on my iPhone are still terrible.. Maybe I need to invest in a camera or a better lighting kit.. Any suggestion on a reasonable camera for those perfect white cover shots..

  4. Would be good to know the camera settings so we can estimate the power of the lights. This would have to include how much exposure was added in post, also. Even high end constant lights suffer from lack of output calling for wife apertures, slow sheet speeds, and high ISO's. None of these are deal breakers but the info is needed to make a good buying decision.

  5. Hey man I’m trying to get a backdrop that extends to the floor like yours . Wondering which ones I should look at ? Thanks , I’m currently setting up my own studio !

  6. Does the edge of the light hold up the tent middle? It seems to be tucked in under the cube edge at the top? A video showing how the light tent is assembled would be great!

  7. I have lights very similar to the first set, and even set them up the same angles. But my shots aren’t as clear it seems! Any tips?! My iso is at 1200 or 3200 because it’s been notas bright where I live, here in Canada. Images are coming up a tad grainier than I’d like. Maybe my lights just aren’t bright enough? Mine one have one setting .. lol but I have a huge window behind the cameras too, thinking I was giving extra light. But now I’m wondering. Is that making mylight weaker? Like is it counteracting and making my light have to work harder if you know what I mean! Lol. Instagram is @capturedcuties any tips would be helpful

  8. I’ve just bought softball studio and the backdrops are all creased, do you know how to get rid of it. Its made out of nylon or something like that


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