10 Photo Booth Attendant Hacks To Use At Your Next Event


Secrets to making photo booth gigs easy and smart for the attendant!

I looked all over and there wasn’t a list of photo booth hacks made for owners/attendants. It was all just advice for DIY photo booth and all the regular stuff that you can find on photo booths.

So, I spent the day thinking up things that I have learned to do to make life easier when working photo booths.

This video is my list!

So take a peek if you want. Let me know if you have any ideas and maybe I can make a part 2.

Thanks in advance for checking out my video, I worked really hard on it.

10 Photo Booth Attendant Hacks To Use At Your Next Event

This channel is dedicated to my journey running an event rental, photo booth and bartending business starting from the beginning in my garage. Ill show you tips along the way! Watch me grow subscribe and comment often!

Check out 2 guys that inspired me to create this channel.

Gorothbalion: (check out his photo booth inspired by my white photo booth build design)

Tent Guy And Other Entrepreneur Stuff:

Buy Photo Booth Stuff:
Buy the monolight strobe (Photo Booth Flash; Neewer S300N) that i use on my white booths here:

Buy the photo booth backdrop stand I use:

Buy my most popular photo photo booth backdrop: 7.5ftx7ft champagne and white chevron sequin backdrop:


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  1. Photo Booth hack, don't use tripod stands for your backdrops. Pipe and drape, they setup faster, they're not a trip hazard and they look better.

  2. #7 – Use gaff tape and you'll have no sticky residue on your cords. Your venue will appreciate you not leaving residue on their carpet or tile too.


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